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Easy to use interface for users

Simple to use interface for users

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Fully Customizable

Create custom emergency types and all the aspect within them

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View custom floor plans of your organization

Quickly see the location of the emergency

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Integrate with emergency services

Create accounts with your local law enforcement for immediate notifications

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HIB React

Manage emergencies effectively with HIB React

Quickly take control of all types of emergency situations. Emergencies require that team members be notified of all crucial information as quickly as possible; instant, real-time communication between decision makers and on-the-ground personnel, an executable course of action with planned steps and measures to ensure the proper measures were taken.
The HIB React app allows you to take control of emergency situations of all types nomatter where you are by utilizing those features plus easy-to-customize notifications, floorplan viewing, quick access to important documents, live check-insand more

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Instant alerts saves precious time

Rapid-response messaging keeps your team on the same page

Instantly alert essential team members to an emergency. HIB React fills everyone in on the type of emergency, its location and any other important details. And all information is customizable to your organization — locations, documents, templates and more. Instead of searching through folders looking for documents, send org- specific information to your security groups instantly.


Check-ins help gain valuable insight

Gain instant feedback and status situations in emergency situations. Quick action sheets allow you to contact your team instantly, gaining pertinent knowledge in real time. Check-in prompts and notifications can be customized to your organization so you are receiving only the information that is important do you.

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Versatile messaging options ensure proper communication

Contact your emergency group on their terms

Instant message? SMS? Group Messenger? Phone call? All are available through the app. Simply select the most preferrable way to contact your team. You can also change up your contact methods depending on the location, type of emergency or person(s) you are contacting.

Tips allow for quick, decisive action

Be aware at all times of in-progress and potential emergencies HIB React allows anyone to alert your decision-makers to a possible or ongoing emergencies.

Staff members can submit tips through the app, letting administration know the who, what, where and when of an emergency in progress. Students, parents or other community members can anonymously submit tips of potential emergencies. Your org can customize what personally identifiable information — if any — is required to submit an emergency. Once a tip has been received, an official emergency can be created instantly and the proper team members notified on the spot, allowing you to take action seconds after being alerted to the emergency. For anonymous tips, an investigation can begin right away, allowing your organization to mitigate a potentially dangerous situation.

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Plan ahead with customizable documentation

Instant access to custom document sets

Every organization is different. Set up your documentation. building and floor layouts, action plans, emergency steps and more — that is specific to your school, business or organization. Then set up customizable alerts and messages to get that information into the hands of those that need it, right away.


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Custom Floor Plans

Real Time User Locations

Custom Geofences

Customizable Markers

Email Notification

SMS Notifications

Push Notifications

Group Checkins

Group Messaging

Individual Messaging


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